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Some Snacks For Office Girls


Walnut could make our nails more beautiful. There are rich auxin in walnut, which will make nails strong and not easy to break, and promote growth. Often eating walnuts could help the growth of nails.

Red fates

Red dates could prevent scurvy. There are very rich vitamin C in red dates, and it is called “live vitamin C pills”by the experts. If you are lack of Vitamin C in your diet, you will be tired easily, even get scurvy.


Pistachio is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, carotene, peroxide, enzymes and so on, which could make the enough brain blood amount, and make you full of spirit.

Squid silk

From the point of nutrition, after drying, there is less water contents but nutrition remains, protein will reach16% ~ 20%, iron and zinc contents are still very high. At the same time, nit too high fat, and there are common unsaturated fatty acids in fish fat, such as EPA and DHA, which could reduce fat and alpinia oxyphylla. Squid silk or fishbone snacks are the food which contain high sodium, you should eat right amount of it happily. And if you want to get more knowledge about it, you can have a look on Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen