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Seeds Are Nutrition

Despite their size differences, all of these seeds have something in common; they are packed with nutrition. Nature has no idea what type of soil or nutrients will be available externally. To give each seed the best fighting chance when conditions are favorable for germination, the plant packs it with a variety of essential nutrients that can sustain the young sprout until its roots are capable of extracting nutrients from the soil.

A wide variety of these seeds is edible and they add nutrition, flavors and new textures into our regular diets. They can also be great replacements for products that are sources of allergies, as in some nuts, and those that are far less nutritious, as in wheat crackers. Add a few seeds to your diet every day or as a snack and you’ll gain valuable vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids to your diet. Choose raw natural seeds to get the biggest bang for your buck. Roasting breaks down many essential nutrients and may even produce substances that are toxic to your system. This also applies to seeds that are coated with sugar, no matter how tempting those chocolate-coated sunflower seeds may be.