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Food Nutrition For Pregnant Woman

– Eat lots of fibre rich foods, preferably from organic sources. This will ensure that you won’t have too many problems with constipation. Most pregnant women get constipated because their digestive processes do not work well during this period. Foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre and they ensure that constipation is no longer a problem.

– Add adequate amounts of flax seed and avocado to your diet. They are rich sources of monounsaturated fatty acids which are essential for your child. No doubt you can get these fatty acids from fish as well, but doctors recommend that you reduce the amount of fish you eat when you are pregnant because of fears of mercury poisoning.

– Eat lots of greens so that your body can produce the necessary amount of blood. The foetus tends to require a lot of iron in the third trimester; you should increase your intake of spinach, kale etc. accordingly. Be sure to consume Vitamin C along with the greens (a simple dressing of lemon juice will do) in order to ensure better absorption.