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All about DHA Supplements

It is actually quite hard to find DHA supplements that have more DHA than EPA! This is because EPA is easier and cheaper to produce and helps boost a company’s profits.

The best ratio is to have at least 2:1 DHA to EPA with a minimum of 250mg of DHA per capsule or soft gel.

Purity is another main concern with all the contaminants the fish carry these days, as fish oil is by far the best source possible. Vegetable sources like flaxseed contain ALA fatty acids which are rarely if ever converted into DHA.

To avoid this just make sure your chosen DHA supplements have been molecularly distilled to remove any remaining toxins like mercury, lead and arsenic. Again, many on the market do not do this and you can unwittingly ingest these toxins. So check the website or label with care.

The importance of DHA is illustrated by the fact that over 30% of an adult brain is composed of it! This is also why it is vital for brain health and with over 90% of us being deficient in it as it must only come from our diet, it is vital to select a supplement with care to make sure you receive enough.

Other benefits of DHA supplements include prevention of heart disease, a weapon in the fight against breast and prostate cancer, effective treatment of arthritis and lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure levels to name a few.

The best source of omega3 in the world currently is the hoki fish from the pristine oceans of New Zealand as they have the highest DHA levels of any species and the lowest level of contaminants.

Now you know more about DHA supplements and what to look for, you can confidently go about selecting the very best to start enjoying all the many amazing benefits they bring.