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A Nanotox Blog Can Help Keep You Informed About Health Issues That Matter

Trying to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in nanotechnology, drug, DNA or lab testing like prostate or colon cancer can be difficult without the help of a nanotox blog. A big subject for any employees is drug testing that is required before many individuals are eligible for employment. The popularity of making sure an employee isn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol and resulted in a variety of tests becoming available. Urine tests are commonly used, but hair tests are more beneficial. Urine tests only look for drugs in the last several days, but hair testing can detect drugs in the system from a month or more before the test is administered. Urine samples can be switched in a bathroom stall, but hair testing is taken directly from an individual’s head by a technician.

Nanotechnology is in a variety of products that are used on a daily basis by many individuals. It can now be used to help identify colon cancer. Nanotechnology and nanoparticles can bind to cancer cells so they stand out under the light of a colonoscopy camera. Nanoshells can be absorbed by cancer cells in the colon to produce oxygen and kill the cancer cells. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of death. Early detection of polyps, growths, and other abnormalities is the best chance an individual has to prevent and treat colon cancer. Colon cancer kills more men than women in the country and this breakthrough can ease the discomfort a colonoscopy can have on some individuals.

Quality drug testing of employees is crucial for many industries and it’s important that a laboratory is able to detect synthetic drugs called K2 or spice which is known as a synthetic marijuana. Legal and illegal substances in the workplace can result in catastrophic events occurring if the company isn’t properly drug testing their employees. Heart disease is another illness that should be screened for because it can be a silent killer. There’s a new blood test that detects the symptoms of heart disease. The more information a patient has the technology available in the medical community today, the better chance they have to talk to their doctor about it and having early detection of a problem or illness.